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The Plenty store was established about 1915 by Maud Finneran and her brother George Starling. It was in the music room of Maud’s home which was located on the hill behind the present building. The home and store were moved down the hill to Yan Yean Road when Maud’s sister Nora and husband Frank Windsor bought it. The post office opened in 1923. The present building was built in the late 1960’s and the original building destroyed by fire in the early1970’s

The Plenty Church was built by the people of Plenty and opened in December 1925. It was a Methodist Church and located at the corner of Yan Yean Road and River Avenue. It became a Uniting Church after the merger of the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches. A hall was added from a church in Greensborough in 1966. The church was closed for worship in 1985. The building remained and was used as an artist home and then a gift/craft shop until the re-construction of Yan Yean Road in 2018/19. The church building was removed to the Plenty Heritage Park and completely restored by Major Roads Projects Victoria.

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