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We are Committed to Recording and Protecting the History of the Suburb Plenty in Melbourne

The township of Plenty is part of an area known as the Plenty Valley Corridor; In the 1800s, events within this corridor were often referred to as occurring “on the Plenty”. This lack of specific geographic location is often confusing when seeking information about Plenty the township.

Plenty is on the eastern side of the Plenty River and was initially settled by pastoral squatters during the period 1836 – 1851. The east side of the river consisted of poorer land and consequently remained as larger squatter holdings for much longer than the rich fertile lands to the west.

The township of Plenty began with the subdivision of the larger pastoral holdings in 1913 and the development of smaller agricultural farming and orchards. At this time the area was considered an extension of the township of Diamond Creek.

The Plenty township started to form following World War 1 through the 1920’s. A small general store commenced in a private dwelling in the period 1918 – 1920, and a post office was added in 1923. The state school commenced in 1921; the Methodist church 1925 and a community hall (late 1920’s) were funded and built by local residents to service their families.

Plenty remained a mixed farming and orcharding community until well into the 1960’s being a well-kept rural secret so close to Melbourne.

The Plenty Church

The original Methodist church (later Uniting) was closed in 1985 although the building remained and was used as a gift, flower and coffee shop. The reconstruction and realignment of Yan Yean Road in 2017 threatened the church building with demolition.

The Plenty Historical Society argued that the church building was socially and historically significant to the Plenty community and must be retained. After much discussion with Council and with support of the Victorian and Tasmanian Synod of the Uniting Church of Australia, Major Roads Projects Victoria agreed to relocate the church and Council agreed to place it within the Heritage Park with the Plenty Community Hall.


plenty historical society

The Plenty Historical Society had been instrumental in naming this park and the vision had always been to save the historic buildings of the early settlement and place them on this site. Major Roads Projects Victoria generously agreed to relocate and refurbish the building. The final outcome has been a beautiful restoration maintaining as much originality as possible. The building is now the home of Plenty Historical Society and is also available as a community resource.

If you are interested in using the building see our contact us page for further information. You can find out more about the history of the church by visiting our local history page.

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